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Conference Tables

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Conference tables are a primary furniture piece in any given office boardroom.  However, that’s not all about the utility of conference tables. In any office space, they can be used in more than one capacity. Sohomod ensures that you can get conference tables for their versatile uses from its collection of office furniture. The range of conference tables available at Sohomod is not just designed to fit in boardrooms only.

The ergonomic sizes of our conference tables allow you to use them in other parts of the office as well. For instance, our compact size conference tables can be set up in the HR department to carry induction interviews. You can also use them as collective work desks for interns.

Sohomod also takes care of aesthetic details in every piece in its collection of conference tables. For instance, rectangular tables with conventional timber finishes are pitch-perfect to effortlessly get a formal and an executive ambiance in the boardroom or elsewhere.  Then there are racetrack conference tables that ensure better mobility while creating a dynamic style statement.

Sohomod also keeps tabs on contemporary office design trends.  So, we know that minimalistic and industry-style interior designs for office spaces are all the rage these days. The plush white tabletops in our collection are in line with contemporary design elements.

Sohomod also gives you the flexibility to set the seating capacity of the conference table according to the given requirement. For instance, our 6-piece railroad conference table can easily convert into an 8-piece article by choosing compact office chairs, which are also part of Sohomod’s office furniture collection. 

You can also use adjustable chairs with our conference tables to have an avant-garde boardroom.  Navigate through our collection to find a conference table that can serve you multiple functions. Every conference table in Sohomod’s catalog is available at a discounted price.