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Bookcases & Shelves

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Bookcases and shelves can sort out many things for workplaces. First things first, they provide a smart storage option for offices. Notwithstanding the relocation of business operations to the digital realm, there are many tangible items that still overfill office spaces. So, bookcases and shelves are the answer for those perennial office items.

Sohomod offers a range of bookcases and shelves in its office furniture catalog. Every option in our collection of more than 30 bookcases and shelves is unique. The individuality of every piece enables you to customize any of our bookcase or shelf with the rest of the interior.

Our timber-finish bookcases are ideal for enhancing the formal ambiance of the office. On the other hand, glossy, bright finishes with glasswork are good to add another layer of modernism to the office interior. For offices already facing space issues, our single-shelf vertical towers are the best bet.  We are also offering some offbeat bookcases and shelves that can be used as centerpieces in the office interior.

For instance, our side stands made out of oak is good for a rustic or antique storage option for your office. And if you want to have an abstract focal point in the office, then you can use our bookcases of dynamic geometric shelve designs.

To sum up, Sohomod offers options that are good for:

  • To be used as spectacular centerpieces in office spaces
  • To be used as space-efficient storage options
  • To be used as showcases

The use of our bookcases and shelves are not just confined to executive offices and work floors. You can also set them up in waiting areas and cafeterias.  For a de-cluttered office space with added visual substance, pick something from our collection of bookcases and shelves. Every option is available at a discounted price.