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TV Stands

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Since its invention, the television has been a focal point of most living rooms. From that moment onwards, TV stands have also taken the position of the leading furniture piece in living rooms and lounges. Sohomod, therefore, offers an entire range of TV stands containing more than 250 unique pieces.

Sohomod TV stands are not just ‘TV stands’. They are detailed furniture pieces designed by taking into account every functional and visual characteristic of an amazing piece. Many of our TV stand units provide enough storage capacity with shelves and drawers so that you don’t have to get a standalone cabinet. Such TV stands are perfect for those living rooms where space constriction is an ongoing problem.

Apart from fixing your LED screen ontop of it, you can also use the stand as an art platform.  Paintings or any other works of art can be placed alongside the screen to transform your lounge into an exhibition room. Sohomod doesn’t just offer TV stands for spacious living rooms only.  Our compact chest-size TV stands can easily accommodate in bedrooms as well.   

Sohomod also provides you with lots of variety to play around with the visual treatment of the space interior.  To reminisce the good old days of CRT televisions, we have stands designed according to the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s. On the other hand, our low-profile sleek TV stands with light panels can teleport you to the future.  

Keeping the different types aside for a moment, you also have many choices in between that can match every décor theme. Whether it’s Amish, Bohemian, Scandinavian or Industrial home décor style, you don’t have to go for the customization of the stand. You can easily find a perfect option from our collection of hundreds of TV stands in accordance with the rest of the interior.

Have a look at our collection of TV stands to choose the piece that serves your requirements without straining your budget.