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Modular Wall Units

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With residential units shrinking in size, insufficient storage has become a constant headache for homeowners. Sohomod has found a solution to this problem in the form of modular wall units. These storage options are designed according to contemporary furniture blueprints and can fit in every residential setting. The intrinsic flexibility of modular design and the variety in our collection makes it really easy for homeowners to pick a modular wall unit according to their functional needs. With the variety of modular wall units in our collection, you can use them:

  • If you don’t want to overstuff your interior with conventional brawny cupboards.
  • If you are looking for a convenient storage option, where retrieving an item is not akin to finding a needle in a haystack.
  • If you want a compartmentalized storage option to store different items, the modular design makes it really easy for you to classify items according to their shelves.
  • If you want to decorate your interior with contemporary and dynamic furniture design

As you can see, there are many layers to the functionality of Sohomod’s modular wall units, which makes them an ideal furniture piece for modern interiors.

Sohomod also offers modular wall units in different sizes so that you can use them anywhere in the house. Our wide wall units are ideal for living rooms. You can dedicate a wall in the area for setting up a modular wall unit. In contrast, smaller modular storage units are amiable enough to be placed anywhere in the house. You can have them in bedrooms and hallways as a decorative and functional furniture piece.

Available in an extensive range of designs that complement every stylistic statement, you must look into our catalog of modular wall units to sort out your storage issues once and for all.