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A lot of functional benefits can be reaped from the use of benches in any residential space given that you do it in a smart manner. Sohomod offers a range of benches that can increase the functionality of any residential space while enhancing its visual characteristic. Sohomod’s extensive range of benches can be put to use in many different ways.

  • Attain additional seating at dining tables, particularly for families and children
  • Add them at the end of the bed for having more space to stretch. This arrangement can also serve as bedroom seating while adding a visual hook to the room
  • Efficient dividers particularly for open floor plans. Benches enable you to create subtle zones in the space without the need for high dividers and walls that constrict visual coverage of the area
  • Benches with no sides and backs can also serve as makeshift coffee tables
  • Extend the utility of outdoor spaces

Apart from increasing seating capacity of an area, many of our bench options also come with storage.  Beneath the comfortable seating, you find a lot of room to stash clothes and many other everyday supplies. Some of our benches also come with built-in stereos systems as well.

On the aesthetical front, we are offering an ample variety.  From tufted cushion, bonded leather to simple floral fabric, you have plenty of options to decide the visual character of the bench that can complement the rest of your interior. Various types of supports also diversify our collection of benches. From the solid base to scrolled and crossed leg support, you can pick the design element that goes well with your artistic sensibilities.